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Prince Bambi depicts a coming-of-age tale paying respect and gratitude to family and friends on our journey of self-discovery.

Lilo & Stitch’s Family Gathering celebrates the meaning of O’hana and families big and small.

Two of my favorite recent paintings for Disney WonderGround Gallery in Downtown Disney

Artist Signing + print release on Saturday, 11/23/13 from 11am - 1pm

Please call Disney Guest Services at 1-877-560-6477 to purchase painting and prints

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Old & New / Folk & Street / Past & Present

9 New Paintings exploring traditions with design

Currently on display for “Stories” at Giant Robot Gallery, LA


Ever feel like your kitty takes charge of your brain?

TOXOPLASMA, a new painting by Martin Hsu

Inspired by Radiolab’s episode on Toxoplasma Gondii, a potentially mind controlling parasite gifted from your cat to you. Listen here

Toxoplasma original painting created for the ZOMBIE show at Last Rites Gallery in New York.

Enjoy the kitties,